An ointment for eczema?

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Is there an ointment for eczema?

A miracle cure for neurodermatitis or a big PR coup
There was a murmur across the republic when the documentary “Healing Unwanted” was shown on ARD. There was talk of a panacea for psoriasis and neurodermatitis. And of the fact that the pharmaceutical industry deliberately boycotted manufacturing and distribution so that Regividerm does not compete with its products. "Money is earned from chronic suffering", Klingelhöller's verdict in the documentary. Now the inventor of the ointment, Karsten Klingelhöller, and the distributor of the product, Mavena Health Care AG, have made the headlines themselves. Due to the broadcast of the film "Healing undesirable", the Swiss company is said to have decided to bring the ointment onto the market. But as it now turned out, the manufacturer Regeneratio Pharma GmbH and Mavena AG had already reached a trade agreement in September.

The main ingredient of the ointment is vitamin B 12 and avocado oil, it is a class II medical device and not a drug. There is no pharmacy requirement, in contrast to medicinal products, it is not necessary to provide proof of effectiveness in order to bring the product onto the market. The required clinical tests for a class II medical device are minimal and cannot be compared with those for a drug. Here one could have been listening in the documentary. There are three small, non-representative studies. Peter Altmeyer and Markus Stücker from the dermatology clinic of the Ruhr University Bochum tested the ointment on 13 people. They told Spiegel Online that "Regividerm is proven to be effective". It is not intended for prolonged use, so the statement by the press officer of the sales company is refuted, who said in an interview with the radio station FFH that the product is suitable for long-term therapy.

How effective the ointment is, however, remains controversial. In contrast to a drug, a medical device has a physical or chemical effect. Vitamin B 12 is said to intercept the radicals that arise in the inflammatory processes in the skin of neurodermatitis sufferers. The cause of the inflammatory process is therefore not treated. According to the manufacturer, it alleviates the symptoms of the disease, but does not prevent it from developing. According to Stücker on Spiegel Online, the product could "provide relief for moderately severe forms of neurodermatitis". However, it is not a miracle cure. One advantage over cortisone is that the skin is not affected as much. Although there are reports from users that the skin has started to itch after the treatment. In the show "Hard, but Fair", Beda Stadler, Director of the Institute of Immunology at the University of Bern, spontaneously commented on the show with the words "A little avocado oil with some vitamins in it cannot cure these serious diseases. This is fraud. Atopic dermatitis and psoriasis cannot be cured. " He condemned the documentary about the genesis: "If you start doing your doctorate in this way, you play with the hopes of the patients." He described an alleged effect without side effects as "a reliable warning signal when someone tries to get other people across the table to draw. "

How effective Regividerm will be will only become apparent in the next few years when those affected report their experiences with the ointment. What remains is the bitter aftertaste that everything was just a big PR coup to successfully market the drug. The sometimes justified doubts about the pharmaceutical industry were exploited profitably by those responsible. (sb)

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