Warning of high dose energy drinks

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Consumer advice center warns of high-dose energy drinks: Excessive consumption can result in nervousness, insomnia, nausea, headaches and perception disorders

The consumer center in Bavaria warns consumers against high-dose energy drinks, so-called. Energy shots. Such drinks have a high concentration of taurine and caffeine, more than conventional energy drinks. In bars and discos, drinks that are mixed with high-proof alcohol are particularly popular. Many people use these "energy shots" to work against tiredness and fatigue in their working and professional lives. Such drinks are offered in small portions from 25 to 75 milliliters. On the label it is specially advised not to consume more than one serving per day. However, many consumers disregard this indication and drink more than a bottle of the "Energyshots", for example to cause excessive states of excitement.

However, people with high blood pressure or other cardiovascular diseases should refrain from such drinks. Symptoms such as cardiac rhythm disorders could be exacerbated by an increased intake, says Sebastian Bertram from Heilpraxisnet.de The Bavarian consumer advice center also warns people with heart diseases against taking high-dose energy drinks. "People with high blood pressure or heart disease should limit the use of energy drinks and energy shots as a precaution," said a spokeswoman for the consumer advice center.

A high consumption of "energyshots" can lead to nervousness, insomnia, nausea, headache and perception disorders, warns the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment. It is unclear whether admixtures of alcohol or strong physical movements trigger further undesirable consequences. (sb, 23.01.2010)

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