Ear candles: a relief for colds and stress

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Ear candles - a blessing for acute colds and chronic stress Over the past 20 years, ear candles have had a permanent place in naturopathic treatment, especially for colds, tinnitus and stress symptoms. They are often used in natural healing practices combined with other methods, but you can also enjoy their effects at home as a remedy or wellness measure. The ear candle is a cloth soaked in beeswax, which is formed into a hollow tube by hand and partially mixed with essential oils or crushed herbs. The treatment is suitable for children and adults. Different information can be found about the origin of the ear candle. So it is said to have been used in North, Central and South America and Asia in the old tradition for meditation and healing ceremonies. Based on an American Indian tribe, the candles are also called Hopi candles. Areas of application for ear candle treatment In local practices with a naturopathic focus, the indications are broad, but there are always focal points described. This includes above all acute and chronic diseases of the upper respiratory tract such as colds, middle ear and sinus infections, but also tinnitus and hearing loss. In addition, the relaxation effect of ear candle treatment is used for stress symptoms. The spectrum of action of the wax tubes The areas of application mentioned can be derived from the mode of action of ear candle treatment. When the candles are burned in the ear, the heat stimulates the blood circulation and promotes the liquefaction of solid ear wax. The local warmth activates the immune system and increases the circulation of the lymph. Essential oils that are released have an immediate soothing and relieving effect on swollen airways in the context of colds and flatter the sense of smell. The sound of the burning ear candle releases inner well-being images that range from the fireplace to the sound of the sea. Physical air pressure fluctuations, which are caused by the burning process in the ear candle, are also said to have a pressure-balancing and secretion-promoting effect on the frontal and paranasal sinuses. Therapists who work with energetic procedures appreciate the addition of their ear candle treatments, as they are suitable for stimulating important energy points and reflex zones that are difficult to access with acupuncture needles, moxa or massage sticks. The duration and frequency of treatment depend on the intensity of the symptoms and range from one to three uses, e.g. for mild cold symptoms up to regular weekly treatment over a longer period, especially for the therapy and prevention of stress processing disorders. Visible relaxation effect in the brain Stress symptoms can appear as nervousness, restlessness, hyperactivity, difficulty concentrating and sleeping, or as a headache. In an application observation by the Dr. The Schellenberg Institute for Holistic Medicine and Science from 2005, which was carried out on behalf of an ear candle manufacturer, showed a significant reduction in the vegetative state of excitement in the quantitative EEG (method for the objective measurement of the state of brain performance). In addition to the subjective feeling of warmth and well-being, the relaxation mechanisms and self-healing powers inherent in us are set in motion when using ear candles. This fact makes the ear candle treatment suitable for the accompanying treatment of almost every illness. As in traditional, ritualized healing ceremonies, the entire procedure of ear candle treatment probably contributes to an increase in the healing effects, in particular through the healing space offered by the therapist, the conversation and the care in a calm atmosphere and the preparatory measures such as hand, foot or Ear reflexology massage. When using the ear candles at home, it is essential to ensure that the combustion process is observed from the outside and ended in good time so that the person treated can close their eyes and enjoy the entire spectrum of effects of the ear candle treatment. (Dipl.Päd.Jeanette Viñals Stein, naturopath, 02/11/2010)

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