Side effects with antidepressants

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More side effects with antidepressants than previously thought.

(April 21, 2010) Antidepressants are used for diagnosed moderate and severe depression in psychiatric medicine. Antidepressants were known to cause side effects, but not to the extent that is now known. Because, according to scientists at the "Rhode Island Hospital", antidepressants cause drugs to cause 20 times more side effects than was previously known. According to the publication of the study results in the journal "Journal of Clinical Psychiatry", medical professionals would not sufficiently note the side effects of the medication. The result: The general knowledge about side effects and side effects of antidepressants are insufficient. The doctors now propose to distribute questionnaires to the patients so that the side effects can be assessed. This step could help to better assess how the drugs work. In addition, patients could be better informed about side effects and unauthorized termination could be prevented.

Serious side effects with antidepressants in children and adolescents can be an increased tendency to suicidality (suicide). This relationship has not yet been properly established in adults. This connection is discussed very controversially in science, since severe depression can lead to suicidality. Antidepressants themselves do not lead to physical addiction. However, tranquilizers such as lorazepam and diazepam are used in addition to conventional antidepressant medication. These drugs can make you addicted.

Alternatively, herbal medicines from naturopathy can be used. These can be considered if the depression is only mild. Naturopathic remedies can also be used as additional medication. However, this should be discussed with the treating doctor.

For example, St. John's wort comes into question. Its mood-enhancing effect unfolds in tea and tablet form, as drops or injections. St. John's wort is particularly suitable for the therapy of seasonal depression (depressive episode). Lemon balm, Indian basil and rose also had other positive effects. Meditation, yoga, tai chi, autogenic training, light therapy and progressive muscle relaxation can also help with mild depression. (sb)

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