Dark chocolate lowers blood pressure

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Study: Dark chocolate (dark chocolate) lowers blood pressure. However, no prevention could be established.

(28.06.2010) Chocolate not only tastes good, it also lowers the blood pressure of high pressure patients. The positive effect was proven in an Australian study. However, the effect on high blood pressure patients is as effective as half an hour of exercise a day. This connection has already been established in numerous other studies.

Scientists from the Australian University of Adelaide published their study results in the science magazine "BMC Medicine". The analysis compared the results of study participants who suffered from high blood pressure. A comparison group who did not have high blood pressure also took part in the study. In the course of the study it was found that while dark chocolate lowers blood pressure, it only does so in patients who also suffer from high blood pressure. This positive effect could not be demonstrated in the comparison group without disease. Therefore, according to the researchers, dark chocolate is not suitable for prevention.

It is not the chocolate as such that lowers the blood pressure, but the phytochemicals flavonoids contained in the cocoa plant. These widen the blood vessels, which in turn lowers blood pressure. The scientists compared and analyzed 13 chocolate studies. In high blood pressure patients, regular consumption could lower the systolic blood pressure by 5 mmHG. However, the researchers question whether chocolate can be used for long-term therapy, as the high sugar content leads to obesity. Obesity is another risk factor for high blood pressure. (sb)

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