Do Grapefruits Help With Diabetes?

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Do Grapefruits Help With Diabetes?

(27.08.2010) Sauer makes fun. Israeli scientists have found that naringin, which is responsible for the bitter taste of grapefruit, can help treat type 2 diabetes and help you lose weight.

When testing the active ingredient in rats, the researchers were able to determine that "naringenin", which is formed in the body when "naringin" is broken down, makes animals more sensitive to the hormone insulin. In addition, "naringenin" activates a protein group in the liver that supports the breakdown of fatty acids, that is, promotes fat loss. The liver goes through a process, similar to prolonged fasting, without having to do without eating, because the "naringenin" stimulates the corresponding processes in the liver. According to the results of the research team led by Jaakow Nahmias, the substance combines the properties of different drugs in one preparation. "Naringin" could therefore replace fat-lowering agents like "Fenofibrat" and diabetes medications like "Rosiglitazo" without having comparable side effects, according to the thesis of the scientists from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in the online journal "PLoS One". "Naringenin is a supplement with a clear safety profile Jaakow Nahmias stressed, "There is even evidence that it protects the liver from damage." (fp)

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