Neural Therapy: How Does It Work Soon?

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Neural Therapy: How Does It Work Soon?

(09/15/2010) After a press release of the "Neural Therapy.Blog" operated by the Munich doctor Imke Plischko, explains the Mannheim doctor and son of the founder of neural therapy, Dr. med. (I.) Hagen Huneke talks to journalist Claus Fritzsche about how neural therapy works.

Neural therapy is a method of complementary medicine and naturopathy that is often used by therapists for pain disorders such as migraines, back pain or pain symptoms caused by the trigeminal nerves such as cheek pain, temple pain or forehead pain. Complaints such as allergies, high blood pressure (hypertension), depression or the rheumatic area are also made available by neural therapists according to the "Neural Therapy Blog", which acts as a portal for information from the International Medical Society for Neural Therapy according to Huneke - Regulation Therapy - eV (IGNH) is seen as an indication. The mode of action is to be carried out by regulating the vegetative nervous system by locally surrounding and blocking the nerve fibers by means of injections of local anesthetics such as procain or lidocaine.

According to Dr. Huneke, in addition to his work as a general practitioner, also has training in naturopathic medicine and sits on the board of the IGNH, is the function of the vegetative nervous system with its millions of the finest nerve bundles in organ suspensions, the skin layers, the fascia (connective tissue), the muscles, the Joints, and others disturbed by processes like inflammation. Blocking by means of neural therapy stimulates a healing process that is able to restore physiological functionality by promoting blood circulation, as well as reducing pain, inflammation and the tone of the sympathetic nervous system.

Dr. Hagen Huneke is the youngest son of Dr. Ferdinand Huneke and nephew of Dr. Walter Huneke, who founded neural therapy. According to reports, the doctor brothers had successfully treated their sister's migraines in 1925 and then jointly developed the concept of neural therapy between 1925 and 1940, which was first called curative anesthesia.

Since 1989, Dr. Hagen Huneke specializes in neural therapy. Already 15 years ago, he carried out a study lasting over two years, which according to standards of evidence-based medicine (EBM), according to Huneke's statements in an interview with Fritzsche, leaves nothing to be desired, but because of a success rate of over 50 percent, it is a useful basis for further studies in the Represents the area of ​​neural therapy.

Under the leading direction of the Swiss professor and doctor Dr. Lorenz Fischer, who is also a lecturer in neural therapy at the University of Bern, who meet the criteria of the EBM. Neural therapy treatments for chronic pain such as low back pain or buttock pain and complaints of the musculoskeletal system such as a stiff back or neck tension are examined here quantitatively. It would be nice for those affected if neural therapy could become more widespread in normal medical operations and thus be available to help even more patients. (tf)

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