Women complain more about self-doubt

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Women complain more of self-doubt than men and are much more depressed after criticism has been expressed

Women are more affected by so-called self-doubt than men. That was the result of a representative survey. Every third woman feels "dejected" after being criticized. One in five women said they had self-doubt about failing in any area. Only one in seven men said they had doubts about themselves.

Are the old role clichés correct? Are men really “more confident” than women? Women are still plagued by self-doubt and brooding over what others think of them. Men, on the other hand, say straight forward what they think. Men mostly don't care what others say or think of them. In short, these are the results of a survey by the Society for Consumer Research (GfK), which was carried out on behalf of the "Apotheken Umschau".

In the course of the study, a total of 1931 people over the age of 14 were surveyed; the proportion of men (937) and women (994) was roughly the same. The result: women score significantly “worse” than the men surveyed on all questions relating to self-confidence and asserting their own interests. For example, 20.1 percent of women said they were afraid of failure (men 14.4 percent). 27.1 percent of women also said they think about what others say about you. For men, the average was 22.8 percent. Every third woman (33.1 percent) feels clearly depressed after criticism (men: 23.7). Women are also much more reluctant to express their wishes. Women prefer not to express their needs for fear of rejection (women: 32.1 / men: 26.8 percent).

But what do these numbers actually mean? While men hardly worry about their fellow human beings, women have “finer antennae” for it. They are less reckless and reflect on their own behaviors. The reasons are likely to lie in the upbringing. While girls are brought up to be more reserved, boys can often develop more freely. (sb, September 18, 2010)

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