AIDS: Vaginal gel offers no protection against HIV

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According to a study, the new vaginal gel offers no protection against the HIV virus.

(09/20/2010) Scientists and medical professionals have placed a lot of hope in the development of a new kind of vaginal gel. The gel should protect against infection with the HIV virus. The gel is said to contain an active ingredient that is intended to prevent the AIDS virus from adhering to cells in the body and subsequently penetrating them. The vaginal gel "PRO 2000" was tested in a four and a half year long study. About 900 women participated in the African study. But the result was sobering: the use of the vaginal gel "PRO 2000" does not protect women from infection with the HI virus. The study was now the third and a decisive test phase for the approval of the drug. According to the long-term study, the "PRO 2000" agent is harmless to health, but it is also not effective against the AIDS virus. The results of the study were published today in the British specialist magazine "The Lancet".

In the course of the study, the study participants either received the gel in two different doses or received an ineffective placebo. All subjects were informed about the risks of AIDS and were additionally provided with condoms. AIDS researchers and human rights defenders linked the drug to hope to curb AIDS epedmia, particularly in Africa.

Another gel with the name "CAPRISA 004" is currently being tested. The protective gel and was presented at the last international AIDS conference. According to researchers, the gel is said to reduce the risk of HIV infection by 40 percent. The results of a study are still pending. (sb)

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