Recommended toadstool is under nature protection

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Health insurance: Recommended toadstool is also under nature protection

After the health insurance company Vereinigte IKK recommended a toadstool as edible in its member magazine "Aktiv und Gesund", there was a lot of criticism in the media. The IKK immediately published a correction and apologized, noting that an external agency was responsible for the content of the magazine. The contact person from the mushroom emergency hotline, Dieter J. Honstraß, who was mentioned as a mushroom expert in the circular, now explained that the mushroom was not only poisonous, but was also under nature protection.

Collectors violate the Federal Species Protection Ordinance. Collecting the green body described as edible is doubly annoying. On the one hand, nausea and sweating, muscle weakness with muscle pain threaten when consumed, so that the company spokeswoman for the United IKK, Sylvia Strothotte, warns of "potentially life-threatening" poisoning. On the other hand, collecting the forest mushroom is prohibited because it is protected by the Federal Species Protection Ordinance. So collectors not only spoil the stomach, but also violate the law, as the mushroom expert Honstraß emphasizes.

Until 2001, the green was considered a mushroom. The "active & healthy" member magazine was created by the "surma" agency for the United IKK, which was created on July 1, 2010 from the Signal Iduna IKK and the IKK North Rhine. The mistake that led to the designation of the green as a mushroom in the article "The autumn asks to table" can be understood. Until recently, the forest mushroom was still considered edible.

Only since 2001 has the green body in Germany no longer been regarded as an edible mushroom, since it can trigger a muscle weakness (rhabdomyolysis) described as tricholoma equestre syndrome, which can even be fatal in some cases. In all older mushroom books, however, the green body is still listed as edible. According to Dieter J. Honstraß, the consumption is only fatal to the Rheinische Post, "if you eat kilos of greenery every day for two weeks."

So far, no serious poisoning by the Grünling So far, only sporadic calls have been recorded at the poison control center and the mushroom emergency call, in which the people had no acute symptoms and used the hotlines for information purposes. The poison control center has so far sent a person to the family doctor after eating two greenlings to clarify what consequences mushroom consumption has on the organs of the person concerned. The immediate reaction of the health insurance company has certainly contributed to the fact that there are hardly any fungal poisonings from the green body. "All insured persons, of whom an e-mail address was available, had been warned in advance by e-mail (...) and in the next issue of active + healthy a detailed correction will be published on the subject, "said Martina Cwojdzinski on behalf of the United IKK." In our last issue we reported on forest mushrooms and described the green mushroom (edible mushroom) as edible. Our external agency made a mistake, the dangers for life and limb ", is the clear correction of the United IKK.

Inexperienced mushroom pickers should use mushroom advice centers. Inexperienced mushroom pickers in particular often resort to sometimes dangerous toadstools. For this reason, experts such as Dieter J. Honstraß advise you to visit a mushroom advice center before eating your own mushrooms. Because the consumption of the green body is z. B. rather harmless compared to the tuber agaric and overall there are a large number of mushrooms whose consumption can cause serious health problems. If you are not 100% sure of the mushrooms you have collected, you should avoid eating them. (fp, 29.09.2010)

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