Health insurance SBK does not charge any additional contribution in 2011

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The statutory health insurance company SBK will not charge any additional contribution in the coming year 2011. The health insurance company is currently preparing a draft household without an additional contribution.

The Siemens company health insurance fund SBK will not charge any additional contribution in 2011. In the summer, the SBK had already given its policyholders a corresponding commitment by mid-2011, which they are now extending to the whole of the coming year.

As early as 2010, the SBK was one of the first health insurance companies to announce that it would not charge an additional contribution throughout the year. Now the health insurance company is preparing a draft budget, which also does not provide for an additional contribution for 2011. The budget plans of the statutory health insurance funds must be submitted to the Federal Insurance Office by December 1st.

The SBK relies on careful planning, balanced according to the strict criteria of the German Commercial Code, has this balance checked and certified by an auditor and makes your numbers accessible to everyone on the Internet. "If we announce 2011 without an additional contribution, it is not based on vague estimates, but on solid planning," says Dr. Hans Unterhuber, CEO of the SBK. The SBK was only honored for its solid financial policy in August 2010: The German financial service institute DFSI had commissioned Focus Money to analyze the financial strength of the statutory health insurance funds. With four other health insurers, the SBK received the rating "very good" and ranked fourth overall in the top group of the financially strongest health insurers in Germany. In the "Transparency" rating field, the SBK is even number one with two other health insurers. (pm, Oct 21, 2010)

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