68 euros reduction for disabled people from 2011

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The black and yellow federal government wants to massively cut the payments for disabled people

From next year, the regular need for people with disabilities is to be reduced by a whopping 68 euros. Accordingly, disabled people should only receive 80 percent of the Hartz IV control benefits. The reduction is expected to come into effect at the beginning of 2011 and primarily affects people who live in shared apartments or live with their parents.

A while ago, CDU Federal Minister of Labor Ursula von Leyen said that "pensioners and the disabled" must be given "special protection" because they are not responsible for the cause of the financial need. For many affected people, this statement may feel like a mockery. From 2011, the standard benefits for disabled people will be reduced by 68 euros per month. According to this, those affected have only 291 euros available per month. According to the Federal Ministry of Labor, disabled people of regular needs level III who do not have their own household and still live with their parents are affected. Here, the Ministry assumes that those affected do not "generally" participate in the budget management. Social experts assume that disabled people who live in shared apartments, for example, are also affected. The Federal Ministry of Labor is trying to appease. This does not apply to persons who are married or are in a civil partnership. The proportionate standard rate of 90 percent, i.e. 328 euros (standard requirement level II) applies here. This corresponds to a 90 percent control rate, including the five euro Hartz IV rule rate increase.

Violent criticism of the cut plans
The opposition is "deeply affected" by such a large cut. The social policy spokesman for the Greens, Markus Kurth, told the Frankfurter Rundschau: "Here we are working on the group that can change the least in terms of their income situation and that, because of their disability, usually has higher expenses." The cuts contradict all efforts To enable people with disabilities to live a dignified life outside of institutions. The politician asked the black and yellow federal government to correct this project immediately. (07.11.2010, sb)

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