Wrong doctor sentenced to 5 years in prison

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False doctor sentenced to five years in prison by the Aschaffenburg district court.

Again and again lay people pretend to be doctors. So also a podiatrist from the Aschaffenburg area. The convict has been proven to treat a total of 159 patients without having a doctor's license. The man must now face a five-year prison sentence for these acts.

The man from the Bavarian region of Aschaffenburg, who was convicted at the regional court, treated a total of 159 unsuspecting patients. The 56-year-old, who is actually a podiatrist, pretended to be a trained medical doctor. During the treatments, the convict partially injected, took blood, and even administered drugs.

The Aschaffenburg Regional Court considered it proven that the 56-year-old was guilty of fraud in a total of 110 cases and committed dangerous bodily harm in a total of 1936 cases. A positive argument for the accused was that he made an extensive confession at the beginning of the trial. The accused admitted to pretending to be a medical doctor and treating numerous people. According to the court, the court valued this admission in favor of the accused. However, the podiatrist used "considerable criminal energy" in his actions, as the judges attested to the man.

Since the end of 2008, the wrong doctor has stated that he is a doctor who offers “quick help” for illnesses using natural resources. The man was "treated" by the man in different places and practices. The man used the fraud in various practices in Aschaffenburg, Nordheim am Neckar and in Kromsdorf in Thuringia. He stated that he could "treat" with his supposed "molecular cell therapy". The convict collected a total of 122,000 euros for these alleged health services. For this he issued a private doctor's bill after the therapies. Fortunately, no one took any health damage from the alleged treatments.

The man from Mitenberg is no stranger to the judiciary. The defendant has already been convicted of several fraud cases. The convict had to go to prison several times because he cheated on other people. He not only committed fraud in Germany, but also in the past in the United States and Austria. In these cases, too, the man had to face several prison terms.

Since the "customers" assumed that the man was a doctor, the man had to answer to the district court for dangerous bodily harm. In the closing plea, the defense and the public prosecutor applied for the same sentence of 5 years' imprisonment without parole. The judges have now followed these requests in the judgment. (sb)

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