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Specialist practice for osteopathy in Mannheim As specialty practice for infants, children and adolescents: Treatments based on a modified principle (Atlanto-Occipital-Therapy®) ◦ for head-joint-induced symmetry disorders / tone asymmetries. Treatments based on the classic principle of pediatric osteopathy (child-friendly osteopathy). Treatments based on a holistic principle ◦ as accompanying naturopathy in dentistry for children and adolescents. ◦ for complaints from the fields of ENT and dentistry. ◦ before or after jaw surgery and / or jaw orthopedic surgery. Multimodal treatment for: ◦ acute pain & chronic pain. ◦ if ADHD is suspected. Treatments are carried out as a main practice for adults: according to a modified principle (Atlanto-Occipital-Therapy®) in ◦ patients with bruxism (gnashing of teeth) ◦ patients with cranio-mandibular dysfunction (TMJ diseases) ◦ patients with trigeminal neuralgia ◦ patients with facial paresis (facial paralysis) ◦ patients with Complaints from the fields of ENT and dentistry ◦ patients before or after jaw surgery and / or jaw orthopedic surgery based on the classic principle of cranial osteopathy ◦ eg for: migraines, BurnOut syndrome, sleep disorders, eye diseases visceral osteopathy (osteopathy of the internal organs) ◦ e.g. Indigestion, liver problems, incontinence, impotence, parietal osteopathy (musculoskeletal osteopathy) ◦ e.g. Cervical disc herniation, shoulder pain, neck pain, whiplash bionomic osteopathy (holistic-multimodal osteopathy) ◦ e.g. Energetic disorders such as weakness, lack of energy or listlessness, erectile dysfunction according to the multimodal principle: ◦ in patients with acute pain ◦ in patients with chronic pain ◦ for women in and after pregnancy ◦ for men with urogenital dysfunction.

Focus practice for osteopathy
Badener Strasse 32
Mannheim 68239
Tel: 0621 - 1284926
Mail: [email protected]

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