Dangerous herbal mixtures confiscated

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Munich: State Criminal Police Office confiscates 670 herbal surprise bags

Adolescents had to be hospitalized more and more frequently last year due to the consumption of questionable herbal mixtures. The State Criminal Police Office in Munich has now reacted and confiscated 670 "herbal surprise bags".

The herb mixtures used as a marijuana substitute with unusual names such as "Lava Red" or "Monkey go bananas" had spread rapidly in recent years. Many of them did not fall under the Narcotics Act (BtMG), could not be detected by most drug measuring devices and nevertheless produced a clearly intoxicating effect. Despite the designation as a herbal mixture, this is not based on the natural herbs it contains, but on synthetic active ingredients (mostly synthetic cannabinoids) that are added to the product sold as a room fragrance. The Bavarian State Criminal Police Office warns of these "insanely dangerous" herbal "surprise bags", as Armin Aumüller from the drug department emphasized. The investigators therefore confiscated 670 packets containing the herb mixtures, which are hazardous to health, during a raid in four Munich stores. According to the police, the shop owners were able to prove the drug trade.

Herbal mixtures can cause cardiac arrhythmia and loss of consciousness. The alleged herbal mixtures, which are also known as "legal highs", are not least due to the massive health risks associated with consumption. Already last year the poison information center warned that, for example, "Lava red" could lead to shortness of breath, cramps, visual disturbances, nausea, sweating, dangerous cardiac arrhythmias and loss of consciousness. In addition to the cardiovascular system, the nerves can also be significantly damaged, according to the experts. Even long-time cannabis users were extremely amazed in the corresponding online forums about the effect of the so-called herbal mixtures, because this corresponds less to the effect of cannabis but rather to hard chemical drugs, said the comment of several users.

Herbal drugs contain synthetic active ingredients In addition to an indiscriminate mixture of herbs, the “surprise bags” from Asia almost always contain synthetic active ingredients, most of which have been mixed with synthetic cannabinoids. The herbal mixtures are actually labeled as fragrance and incense, but they are usually not sold as such by dealers in this country. In the so-called head shops, where all accessories related to cannabis use are available, the legal herbal mixtures have often been sold over the counter. With a purchase price of only around four euros per bag, the dealers have so far made a considerable profit. But in the future it will be over according to the will of the Bavarian State Criminal Police Office. With the current raid, the officials took the first step towards successfully combating the sale of herbal mixtures. (fp)

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