There is no objection to Hamburg Kita food

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According to the health authorities, there is no objection to childcare in Essen

The day-care center meal, after eating nine Hamburg toddlers on Tuesday showed reddening and sometimes swelling on the face, was not objectionable by law. This was the result of the examination of a food sample at the Institute for Hygiene and the Environment. However, a histamine-rich cheese was used in the preparation. Histamine can cause over-reactions in sensitive individuals.

Nine toddlers from a daycare center in Hamburg showed reddening and some swelling on their faces immediately after lunch on Tuesday. The emergency doctor suspected an overreaction to too much glutamate in the food. In order to investigate this suspicion, a sample of the food - cheese spaetzle with tomato sauce - was examined at the Institute for Hygiene and the Environment. The food chemists already found on Wednesday that the glutamate content was not responsible for the symptoms of the children - at 1.5 g / kg, it was well below the permitted maximum.

Further examinations also showed no reason for complaining about the food sample. What was striking, however, was the biogenic amine content, which was 65 milligrams per kilogram. This concentration is absolutely safe for adults. However, the reaction limits of young children are unknown, so that a connection cannot be completely ruled out. The histamine found comes from the well-matured cheese with which the cheese spaetzle was prepared.

Histamine is one of the substances that are released during an allergic reaction. Symptoms of increased histamine exposure can include Redness of the skin, itching and swelling. The histamine content of food is very different. Smoked fish and salami, for example, and foods that are fermented, such as sauerkraut, red wine or spicy-savory cheeses, have particularly high concentrations. Sensitive people like toddlers should therefore eat mild cheese. (pm, Jan 28, 2011)

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