Severe infidelity with the Securvita health insurance?

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Infidelity with the Securvita BKK health insurance? Prosecutors initiated preliminary proceedings based on a criminal complaint from the Federal Insurance Office.

The public prosecutor of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg has launched an investigation against the Securvita health insurance company. It is currently being investigated against those responsible for the fund. The investigative authorities have already confirmed that two criminal charges have been received. The Federal Insurance Office submitted a criminal complaint.

The Hamburg public prosecutor's office launched an investigation into the statutory health insurance company Securvita based on the suspicion of serious breach of trust. The district attorney Wilhelm Möller already confirmed the receipt of two criminal charges last Thursday. The criminal complaint was made by a high authority; the Federal Insurance Office reported that, among other things, is responsible for monitoring the health insurance companies. Neither the Federal Insurance Office nor the health insurance company provided specific information about the allegations. However, the spokesman for the Securvita, Peter Kuchenbuch, announced an opinion. The Hamburger Abendblatt reported that the allegations were a rental agreement that applies to the head office of the cash register in Hamburg.

Securvita BKK has only been on the till market since 1997 and already insures more than 170,000 people. The cash register enjoys a very good reputation, especially in Hamburg, because it e.g. Funded health services that other health insurers do not want to hear about. For example, the health insurance fund is one of the few statutory health insurance funds that provides acupuncture, homeopathy and naturopathy services if indicated. The Securvita company health insurance fund is also increasingly committed to sustainability and ecology in various projects and is considered a showpiece in the industry. In a health insurance comparison by Focus-Money (47/2009), the Securvita BKK was awarded the "best benefits" as a health insurance company. Whether the allegations correspond to the facts can be derived from the announced opinion. We will continue to report. (sb)

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