Relaxation and conversation therapy Gabriele Bauer

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Relaxation and conversation therapy naturopath Gabriele Bauer

My work is based on the following beliefs: Every person is unique. I see my task in enabling my client to view their own situation in a relaxed manner from as many different perspectives as possible. Together we discover individual options and suitable strategies for implementation. Cause and effect Good thoughts become good words and actions. Inner beliefs (beliefs) create causes for positive effects. Right or wrong? …there is not any. Everyone has the right to make their own decisions. I am open to every wish, every life plan, every idea and do not evaluate, but support my clients to develop appropriate ways of thinking. Change Every problem includes the opportunity to grow. Desires, ideas and goals change and can develop into a problem if action and reaction remain the same. New perspectives open up possibilities for new behaviors Healing If there is a desire on all levels of consciousness healing is possible. My aim is to create a suitable climate together with my client on a conscious and unconscious level in order to enable the power of healing. Every situation contains valuable information for a good solution. Due to everyday challenges, stress, pressure and hectic pace, these tips are very often overlooked. Relaxation strengthens your perception! Improvement, healing, development and joie de vivre are possible!

Wolfratshauser Str. 50
82067 Ebenhausen
Tel: 08178 867322
[email protected]

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