Actions against animal experiments in Hamburg

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Animal rights activists demonstrated in Hamburg against animal experiments

With stands, events and demonstrations this Saturday, several hundred people protested against medically motivated animal experiments in Hamburg. Animal rights activists marched through downtown Hamburg with banners and chants.

The initiatives "Doctors Against Animal Experiments", "Citizens Against Animal Experiments - Hamburg" and the "Lobby per Animal Mienbüttel - Citizens' Initiative Against Animal Experiments" had called for protests against animal experiments. Already in the morning Hamburg's citizens could get information at numerous information stands. Around noon, several hundred people with banners, flags and chants roared through downtown Hamburg. In the afternoon, activists made speeches and several live bands support the request of animal rights activists.

2.8 million animals die painfully every year The call said that around 2.8 million animals in Germany alone must "die a cruel and senseless death in the laboratory under the guise of science". Organizations such as "Doctors against Animal experiments "have been advocating animal-free procedures in medical research for years. The increasing number of animal experiments not only means suffering for millions of living things, but is also a sign of" misguided medicine and science ".

Global Day of Action Against Animal Experiments The main reason for the day of protest was the worldwide day for the abolition of animal experiments. In the week leading up to April 24, the International Day for the Abolition of Animal Experiments, laboratories around the world are alerted to the suffering of animals. The Day of Remembrance and Action was first celebrated in Britain in 1979 and is the birthday of Lord Hugh Dowding, who campaigned for animal welfare in the House of Lords. (sb)

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