Breast cancer screening can save breast

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Every second woman goes to breast cancer screening

As reported by the health network "Affects Breast", only every second woman uses the breast cancer screening examination mammography. An early diagnosis of breast cancer could in most cases preserve the patient's breast.

Every year in Schleswig-Holstein alone, over 2,000 women develop breast cancer. In 2010 it was over 2,880. As reported by the “Concerns Breast” network, only every second woman uses free breast cancer screening mammography. According to the latest evaluation, only 46 percent of women between 50 and 69 years of age used mammography screening. "The quality of the screening is very good, but the participation rate is not yet so good," explained Dr. Thomas Lange, who is responsible for mammography screening in Kiel. "More than a quarter of a million women between the ages of 50 and 69 have participated in the early detection program in the past four years. Almost every second woman in Schleswig-Holstein has taken part in this offer," said AOK boss Dieter Paffrath.

Preventive examinations completely painless Since the introduction of the preventive examinations, malignant tumors in the breast have been discovered in 2155 women. As such, the examination is completely painless and is felt by only a few women as "uncomfortable". "More than three quarters of women had no lymph nodes or metastases," said radiologist Dr. Thomas Lange. If a timely diagnosis is made, less stressful and breast-conserving therapy can be initiated. With early diagnosis, breast cancer can be better treated and mental suffering is reduced.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer diagnosis in women. Every year, around 55,000 women in Germany develop breast cancer. Statistically, every tenth woman is affected. The chance of getting the breast during early diagnosis increases to 60 percent. A weighty argument to go to mammography regularly and on time. (sb)

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