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City BKK must reimburse additional contributions

The Federal Association of Company Health Insurance Funds has to stand up for the financial problems of the closing City BKK. According to the judgment of the social court in Berlin, the additional contributions already made are to be reimbursed by the health insurance company. In retrospect, another 20 million euros in debt were raised. Because the insured persons at the health insurance are entitled to repayment.

15 euros additional contribution
In retrospect, the City BKK's additional contribution turns out to be a real curse. The City BKK had raised the original additional contribution from eight to a whopping 15 euros at the beginning of the year. The letter to the insured referred to the special right of termination only in the small print, so insured persons in particular could hardly know that they could have avoided the additional contribution by switching to another health insurance company. This argument was also decisive for the argument in court. Now the insolvent health insurer faces another mountain of debt of around 20 million euros. And because the health insurance fund can no longer pay for it itself, the Association of Company Health Insurance Funds (BKK) will probably have to step in. This applies at least when the State Social Court of Berlin-Brandenburg confirms the claim for repayment. Then all former City BKK insured persons would be entitled to the additional premiums already paid.

Meanwhile, AOK Hamburg CEO Wilfried Jacob welcomed the court decision. The view of the consumer is also to be welcomed, said Jacob to the magazine "FOCUS". The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds (GKV) announced that the judgment would be examined legally. Because the main association could also incur costs in an emergency if the BKK association also fails.

City BKK cover letter to insured was illegal
The Federal Court of Auditors has finally closed City BKK, which is financially hard hit. The ticket office will be closed on July 1st, 2011. At the beginning of the year, the top of the till had tried to compensate the minus business with an additional contribution. The insured were asked by letter to pay a monthly additional contribution. In the cover letter, the insured were made aware that the additional fee for the regular contributions must be paid from now on. Attention was drawn to the special right of termination only in small letters. In this way, insured persons could have escaped the additional contribution if they had changed the fund. The court considered such practice to be illegal. Insured persons must be able to clearly see which alternatives exist legally. The Social Court thus declared all additional contributions already made to be illegal. The insured are therefore entitled to the additional premiums paid.

Also violate the rules of the Federal Insurance Office
The German employee health insurance company had already committed the same violation and only insufficiently informed the members in the notice in the small print. The DAK then had to readjust and published the conditions of the special right of termination in detail in its member magazine and on the website. Based on this experience, the Federal Insurance Office instructed the health insurance companies to submit future additional cover letters to the authority. According to the treasurer, the City BKK had not submitted the reminder letter and therefore broken another rule. (sb)

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