Naturopathic practice Müllerheim-Kanders

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Focus of alternative practitioner practice: Methods: acupuncture; Baunscheidtiere; Connective tissue massage; Bioresonance therapy; Chiropractic; Thorn method; Gem therapy; Reflexology therapy; Laser acupuncture; Manual lymph drainage; Massages; Meditaping®; Moxibustion; Ear acupuncture; Ear candles; Osteopathy; Physical therapy; Stimulation current therapy; Pain therapy; Schüßler salts Golf therapy Treatment times Mon-Fri 8 am to 8 pm by appointment Member of the Association of German Alternative Practitioners

Naturopathic practice Müllerheim-Kanders
Bachemer Str. 53
Cologne 50931
Tel: 0221-4009800
Mail: [email protected]

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