24 hour smoke-free lowers heart attack risk

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The risk of heart attack decreases after 24 hours of abstinence

The risk of having a heart attack is significantly reduced after a 24 hour smoke stop. The body reacts in a short time to the decrease in the intake of harmful tobacco substances. Those who persevere continuously reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Nicotine is not only a defective active ingredient, it also makes people highly dependent. Most people who want to quit smoking face severe physical and mental withdrawal symptoms. Those who regularly use glow sticks die an average of seven years earlier than non-smokers. "Smokers not only die earlier, they often also spend a larger proportion of their already shorter lives in a state of chronic illness and need for care," explained the head of the preventive medical center at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. Every year, around 100,000 people die from the consequences of tobacco use. Converted this means that about 300 people die every day. The number of deaths caused by smoking is higher than, for example, AIDS, alcohol or traffic accidents.

The risk of heart attack is measurably lower after just 24 hours ”. According to some studies, those who abstain from living for 12 months already reduce the risk by 50 percent. Year after year, the risk of developing lung cancer or other serious smoking-related illnesses also decreases, the expert adds.

Many former smokers often only become aware of the importance of their actions when they stop using it. After just a few days and weeks, the new non-smokers can breathe better again, feel more resilient and physically fitter, says the preventive doctor. The lump in the throat and the frequent smoker's cough disappear. The partner and the children in the household will thank you. Children who no longer smoke passively suffer less from infectious diseases and are less prone to chronic conditions such as asthma.

About two thirds of the new non-smokers have dealt with their addiction with immediate renunciation. A third visit consultancies, doctors or naturopaths to seek active support. Non-smoking hypnosis therapy was shown to be effective. The reputation is more scientific than many initially think. An evidence-based “Revenstorfs study” was able to show that the success rate after one year using hypnosis was at least 48.1 percent. The abstinence rate in the control group was only 22.6 percent. (sb)

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