BKK for health professions is finally closed

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The BKK for health professionals is closed until the end of the year

After no adequate merger partner was available, the statutory company health insurance fund BKK for health professions suffered the same fate as the already closed City BKK. The BKK health professions are also expected to close their doors by the end of the year. Over 100,000 insured and numerous employees now have to find a new health insurance company.

Million dollar deficit caused closure
The second statutory health insurance company already has to be closed this year because the allocations from the health fund are no longer sufficient to ensure liquidity vis-à-vis doctors, pharmaceutical manufacturers and clinics. The BKK is to be closed to health professionals by the end of the year in order to prevent impending insolvency. This was announced by the Federal Insurance Office (BVA) and in this context spoke of "failed restructuring measures" and a deficit of millions. A notice from the Federal Insurance Office in accordance with § 153 SGB V i. V. m. Section 46 (5) SGB XI was delivered to the fund on November 2, 2011. It says; ”The BKK for health care professions and the BKK for health care professions health care fund will be closed on January 01, 2012 (as of December 31, 2011).” This year, the estimated budget deficit is around 26.5 million euros.

Canceled merger talks and missing concepts Until the end, the board of directors had tried to merge with other health insurers, but the targeted partners repeatedly refused after considering the financial situation. The BVA only offered the BKK for health care professionals the prospect of continuing if a merger partner was found. After all plans in this direction failed, experts saw the end of the checkout as sealed months earlier. None of the health insurance companies in the network of company insurance companies agreed to provide such high financial aid. Until the end of the year, however, the payment of claims by health care providers is guaranteed. These are financed from the remaining funds, and the health benefits that the insured have started will be paid until the end of 2011.

The BKK for health professions had been demanding an additional contribution of one percent of gross income from its insured since 2010. As a result, the cash register had to accept severe member migrations. To date, according to the health insurance fund, around 113,000 people in the BKK are still insured for health care professions. Just as many members left the box office last year because they no longer wanted to pay the excessive costs. Above all, the elderly and the chronically ill remained.

Those affected must now look for a new health insurance company. In this context, the Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) appealed that other health insurance companies should “not be led to refuse new membership applications”. In the course of the City BKK dissolution, some health insurance companies tried to get rid of chronically ill or older people on the phone. As a precautionary measure, Bahr pointed out that the conditions for admission would be tightened in the course of the new pension law created in 2012. Health insurers are already legally obliged to accept every applicant from other health insurers regardless of income, age or previous illnesses. If a health insurance company throws away an insured person, it could cost up to 50,000 euros. However, the latter regulation will only come into force in 2012.

Change should be carried out unbureaucratically and easily
The BVA chairman Maximilian Gaßner warned the health insurance associations and board members that they should ensure that the change of the insured "is easy and unbureaucratic." As the highest supervisory authority, the behavior of the health insurance companies will be closely monitored. At the same time, the BVA boss threatens sanctions , if there are obvious difficulties. "If there are health insurance companies again that try to throw away the insured, the BVA will take all possible measures against this," announced Gassner.

Members will be informed this week
As of Wednesday, the BKK for health professions will send out newsletter members to inform the insured about the closure. In the cover letter, informational materials are enclosed, in which, for example, all freely selectable health insurance companies in Germany are listed. The BVA boss advises all affected members to look carefully at the health insurers in question and it is best to look for new health insurance before the closing date. On the part of the Federal Association of Statutory Health Insurance (GKV), it was said that "you are convinced that the mistakes made during the City BKK closure will not happen again". The AOK and the DAK have already announced that they will be able to admit all former BKK members for health professionals without any problems. The next few days will show whether lip service is followed by action. (sb)

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