Health insurance company Audi BKK without additional contribution 2012

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The Audi BKK will remain without an additional contribution in 2012

The company health insurance company Audi BKK has announced that it will not collect any additional contributions from its insured in the coming year 2012 either. This was decided by the board of directors of the cash register at the weekend in Ingolstadt in Bavaria.

The health insurance company Audi BKK does not want to collect additional contributions from the 450,000 insured persons next year. The board of directors of the fund decided this unanimously. As a result, nothing will change for the members of the health insurance fund in the payment of contributions in 2012 either. "We were convinced early on that we would not have to make any additional contributions in the coming year either," explained the Chairman of the Audi BKK Board, Gerhard Fuchs. The fund had created reserves within the legally possible framework, which also included possible expenses for existing risks in the health care system. However, long-term forecasts are hardly possible under the difficult conditions in the healthcare sector. “The reserves have been replenished, risks factored in and we have improved our situation again compared to the previous year. Audi BKK is happy to pass on the success to its members. ”How long this situation will persist is unclear.

Board of directors demands transparency from health insurers The financial situation of some competitors on the till market is far too opaque. The Audi BKK and some other health insurance companies voluntarily publish their financial data on a regular basis in accordance with the German Commercial Code (HGB). “We ensure transparency, so we offer our insured the security of trusting a high-performance health insurance company. In order to ensure fair competition and to be able to assess possible risks in advance, we require the financial statements of all health insurers to be disclosed according to uniform criteria. ”Tomas Borms, also on the board of the health insurer, is convinced that the BKK will continue to provide good figures. "Our health insurance company impresses with its benefits and offers. We are going strong and confident in the coming year and will maintain our good competitive situation without additional contribution for the third year in a row. "

The DAK and the BKK Gesundheit have announced that they will discontinue their additional contribution in the course of the merger. From the ranks of the cash community, there was heavy criticism after the announcement. After a financial flop, the box office competitors fear an unpredictable boomerang that could endanger other health insurance companies. Of the 153, 133 health insurers do not want to charge any additional contributions next year. (sb)

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