The KKH alliance wants to abolish additional contributions

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The health insurance company KKH-Allianz wants to abolish the additional contribution in 2012

The statutory health insurance company KKH-Allianz wants to abolish the additional contribution from March next year. Surpluses in the cash budget led to this decision by the board.

The KKH alliance currently requires a monthly additional contribution of eight euros per member of the health insurance fund. The lump sum has been raised since March 2010 to revise the significant budget deficit. Allocations from the health fund could no longer completely cover the expenditure side. According to the CEO Ingo Kailuweit, the health insurance company now wants to abolish the additional contribution from March 1, 2012. A budget for the next year prepared in this context will be presented to the responsible committee of the board of directors at the end of November. Only then will a decision be made about the abolition of the additional contribution. In addition, the Federal Insurance Office, as the highest cash supervisory authority, has to give its approval.

Additional contributions unpopular with insured and health insurers
The additional contributions are extremely unpopular with the health insurance companies. At least as long as a majority of the health insurance companies waive the additional fee. If a health insurance fund charges such an additional amount, insured persons can exercise and change their special right of termination. Around 190,000 members of the KKH alliance exercised this right and turned their backs on the till. Before the launch, the fund had a membership of 2.05 million insured in 2010 (2010). At the end of the year it was around nine percent less (1.86 million). Young and healthy members in particular changed, so the loss was painful for the cash register.

Financial surplus in the current financial year
The financial surpluses from 2011 led to the decision to abolish the additional contribution, explained Kailiweit. The cash register is expected to have a financial surplus of 140 million euros. For the coming year, the KKH alliance wants to offer "more performance at an even cheaper price". Thus, the health insurance company will "score points in the competition in the coming year". In addition to the KKH alliance, DAK Gesundheit, which is merging at the end of the year, plans to abolish the additional contribution. Here, too, the DAK was able to renovate its household. Experts agree, however, that in a few years additional contributions will be collected from the statutory health insurers almost across the board. The additional legislative source is desired by the legislator. (sb)

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