Breast implant scandal: WHO intervenes

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WHO recommendation on the scandal surrounding PIP breast implants

For weeks, shocking details of the scandal surrounding the inferior breast implants of the French manufacturer Poly Implant Prothèse (PIP) have been known. For the first time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also commented on the risks and women who have had a PIP implant advised to see a doctor urgently if there are any signs of complications.

Around 300,000 women used low-quality silicone breast implants worldwide. According to the authorities, around 10,000 women currently have a corresponding PIP implant in their breasts in Germany alone. The national health authorities are alarmed and the French Ministry of Health asked the affected women in December last year to have their breast implants removed because of the impending health risks. Now the World Health Organization has also intervened and stated in an official announcement that women who have had PIP implants should urgently see a doctor "if they suspect a tear, feel pain or inflammation or have other concerns."

Numerous countries recommend removal of the PIP breast implants The French manufacturer used low-quality silicone gel from a German manufacturer for the production of the breast implants, which is not suitable for medical purposes. The result was increased cracks in the silicone cushions in the women's body and serious inflammation. A possibly increased risk of cancer is still being discussed. According to the WHO, 28 countries around the world have recommended that women affected have their breast implants removed or at least undergo a medical examination.

Immediately remove damaged breast implants Around 85 percent of PIP breast implants were exported from France and used abroad. In view of the large number of women affected, the World Health Organization has now been forced to intervene and made the recommendation outlined above. According to the WHO, immediate removal of the implants is not absolutely necessary. The condition of the breast implants should initially be checked by means of an ultrasound examination and, in the opinion of the experts, an immediate operation to remove the silicone pillow should only be carried out in the event of damage or a tear. In the long term, however, those affected should definitely consider removing the implants in order not to expose themselves to unnecessary health risks. It is not without reason that the French Ministry of Health has recommended that all women who have a PIP implant in their bodies have it removed. In France, the operations required for this are even covered by the health insurance company. (fp)

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