Back pain: avoid everyday back traps

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Avoid back pain with simple preventive measures

Almost a third of Germans suffer from recurrent back pain. Almost every German has back problems at least once in their life, although the intensity and duration of the pain can differ considerably. While some are only bothered by slight tension from time to time, others have chronic back problems that massively affect them in everyday life.

In addition to wear, the cause of back pain is often an incorrect posture, explains orthopedic surgeon Dr. med. Reinhard Schneiderhan, President of the German Spine League and Orthopedic Director of the Regional Center of the German Society for Pain Therapy e.V. (DGS) Munich / Taufkirchen in a current press release. According to the expert, the back complaints caused by an unhealthy posture could be avoided relatively easily with the help of a few simple preventive measures. The President of the German Spine League shows which factors unnecessarily strain your back in everyday life and which measures can be taken against it.

Tips for maintaining a healthy back According to the Munich expert, almost all Germans experience back pain at some point in their lives, and the symptoms can range from occasional tension to serious, permanent back illnesses. The wrong posture of those affected often plays a decisive role here. According to the President of the German Spine League, the back pain in numerous patients could be significantly reduced or even avoided entirely by taking a few simple preventive measures. In his current press release, the orthopedic surgeon therefore explains where the traps for the back lie in everyday life and gives tips for maintaining a healthy back.

Relieving spine while sitting and standing According to Reinhard Schneiderhan, posture has a significant impact on the health of the back. For example, an incorrect posture when sitting and standing can cause increasing back problems in the long run, which in the worst case result in a herniated disc. In order to counteract this, the spine should be relieved regularly by even weight shift and targeted change of position, the expert explained. Schneiderhan advises "to shift the weight from left to right leg from time to time when standing" and to change position more often during long sitting phases. Especially at the workplace, dynamic stress can protect you from back problems caused by long periods of sitting. In this context, the President of the German Spine League also pointed out that not only crooked sitting can cause back pain, but also that sitting straight as a candle can strain your back. Here, the intervertebral discs are subjected to more stress than with a slightly inclined sitting posture, according to the expert.

Avoiding back pain with the right mattress and sleeping position The back problems in many sufferers occur especially in the morning after getting up, which is usually an indication of unsuitable mattresses or a bad slatted frame, reports the President of the German Spine League. According to the expert, "Many people complain of tensions, especially after getting up, which sometimes last all day." The reason for this is often too hard or soft mattresses or an insufficient slatted frame, which is why advice from an expert should be made when buying, Reinhard Schneiderhan said. In addition, there are tricks for each sleeping position that help relieve the back, reports the expert. For example, for back sleepers, special neck pillows that ensure the correct distance between ears and shoulders and that position the cervical spine are recommended. In addition, a pillow under the knees can also help back sleepers to relieve the lumbar spine. However, the expert advises the side sleepers to place a pillow between their knees, since this also helps to relieve the spine.

Back traps in the household According to the President of the German Spine League, in addition to office work, numerous household tasks also involve an increased risk of back pain. In order to avoid tension and corresponding back problems, the back must also remain as straight as possible when doing household chores such as ironing or vacuuming. According to Reinhard Schneiderhan, height-adjustable devices can protect against excessive stress on the back. For example, "when ironing, the board should be set at stomach level" to ensure optimal posture, the Munich orthopedist advises. When doing other household activities such as vacuuming, according to Schneiderhan, particular attention should be paid to posture to avoid back and lower back pain. The sliding bars of the devices are to be used to reach hard-to-reach corners with a straight back and to protect the spine.

Shopping bags strain the spine Another risk factor in everyday life, according to the President of the German Spine League, is the carrying of shopping bags. In the event of one-sided stress, these permanently pull the spine and can cause significant back pain. In order to avoid this, Schneiderhan advises to "distribute the weight evenly over two pockets" and to carry them with arms resting against the side of the body. This results in “an optimal position to avoid damage to the spine,” reports the orthopedist. As an alternative, according to the expert, a transport of the purchases in a backpack is recommended, since unnecessary strain on the back could be avoided entirely. If heavy purchases need to be loaded or unloaded during transport in the car, the expert recommends walking twice and carrying less, rather than putting excessive strain on the back.

Back pain as a symptom of other diseases Although most of the suggestions made by the Munich orthopedic surgeon are generally valid, it is by no means possible to avoid all back pain by taking the information into account. It is not uncommon for the symptoms to be merely a symptom of another illness, such as an esophagitis, a coronary heart disease or a pulmonary embolism. A heart attack can also cause pain in the back area. The same applies, for example, to kidney stones, inflammation of the kidneys, inflammation of the pelvis or a kidney infarction, with the back complaints being expressed primarily as flank pain. The back problems can also be caused psychosomatically, which further complicates the diagnosis of the causes. In the case of recurring back pain, medical help should be sought in any case due to the possible health risks from the causal diseases. (fp)

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