PKV reduces contributions to long-term care insurance

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PKV reduces contributions to compulsory long-term care insurance

Nursing care insurance in private health insurance (PKV) has in some cases dropped significantly since the beginning of 2012. According to the General Association of Private Insurers (PKV Association), premiums have fallen between two and ten percent depending on the age of the insured.

The contributions of compulsory long-term care insurance from private health insurers fell again at the beginning of the year. According to the PKV association chairman Dr. Volker Leienbach's contributions from many providers are lower than 17 years ago when compulsory insurance was introduced. For Leienbach, the development is proof that the funded system is superior to the other systems, so the director welcomes the plans of the black and yellow federal government. "Against this background, it is therefore also to be welcomed that the Federal Government wants to support citizens in setting up supplementary private nursing care."

Posts have decreased since the law was changed
Exactly 17 years ago (1995), a 35-year-old privately insured person had to spend the equivalent of 26.41 euros per month for his private long-term care insurance. Today, the same insured person only has to shell out 23.23 euros per month. In addition, the scope of services has improved in some points since the introduction. Leienbach expects the premium situation to improve in 2013 as well.

Financial incentives for private long-term care insurance
Industry experts expect the black and yellow federal government to support private health insurance and private long-term care insurance in the future. It is currently being discussed whether private insured persons can benefit from tax benefits in the future and whether the costs can be deducted. Individual statements aim to enable insured persons with a lower income to take out private insurance by paying grants from the state. The Federal Minister of Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) had recently announced that it would consider new models in nursing care insurance. It has been under discussion for some time that an additional capital coverage system should also be introduced for statutory long-term care insurance. The reason: Due to the demographic change, people in Germany are getting older. Diseases such as Alzheimer's and dementia are increasing significantly. In order to be insured in the event of care, citizens should also take out private insurance. (sb)

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