Prevent diabetes by walking slowly

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Walking slowly will prevent type II diabetes

Lack of exercise and being overweight are among the most common causes of type II diabetes. Even simple physical activities, such as walking regularly, could help to significantly reduce the risk of illness, said the President of the Professional Association of German Internists (BDI), Dr. Wolfgang Wesiack.

In his testimony, the BDI chief refers to a current study from Australia with overweight adults, in which the effects of walking (speeds of three to six kilometers per hour) on the sugar and fat metabolism were examined. A clear positive effect could be determined here, according to the expert.

Two minutes in between lowers blood sugar levels As part of the Australian study, the test subjects were sent on a treadmill for five minutes after sitting for 20 minutes for two minutes at a speed between three and six kilometers per hour, reports the President of the BDI in Wiesbaden . The subjects in the control group had to sit for five hours straight or were only allowed to go up to the toilet, Dr. Wesiack continues. When comparing the fat and blood sugar levels, the researchers found that both the blood sugar level and the insulin level during the walk were significantly lower than in the control group, according to Dr. Wesiack continues.

Exercise helps prevent diabetes High blood sugar could therefore be reduced relatively efficiently in otherwise healthy overweight people by light exercise such as two-minute walks. The interruption of the long sitting by a few steps in between has an extremely positive effect on the sugar and fat metabolism, emphasized the BDI President. Long-term walking could therefore significantly reduce the risk of developing type II diabetes. According to Dr. Wesiack otherwise mainly endurance sports such as jogging, Nordic walking, cycling or swimming that stress and strengthen the cardiovascular system. Ideally, according to the expert, half an hour of physical activity should be done five times a week. (fp)

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