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My name is Martina Heyde-Witrin. I passed the nurse exam in Berlin in 1997 and worked in intensive care medicine for several years. In 2002, I completed my alternative practitioner training at the Paracelsus School Berlin. Since then I have been working in my own naturopathic practice for health, beauty and well-being. I am also a freelance lecturer in naturopathic workshops and information events. Practical focus is on in allergy treatment with bioresonance therapy according to Dr. Hype, removal therapy (including use of leeches), diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Through the use of various technology and the research into the causes of the underlying disease, the treatment spectrum is much larger. I also use high-quality aromatic oils for internal and external use during the treatment. Another focus is the slogan! - We achieve the beauty- inner beauty through the above-mentioned therapy methods. I support the external beauty, among other things. with the use of pain-free ultrasound to reduce wrinkles, treat acne and treat telangiectases (vasodilation) .What does a treatment cost? As a rule, one hour of time is charged at 45 euros plus material costs. Students and children naturally pay less!

Practice for naturopathy, Martina Heyde-Witrin
Lindenstrasse 15
54614 Schönecken
Tel: 06553 90 18 594
Mail: [email protected]

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