Dementia sufferers continue to fall through the cracks

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Social organization: Dementia sufferers continue to fall through the cracks

The president of the VdK Germany social association, Ulrike Mascher, describes the draft law on reorganization of long-term care insurance adopted by the federal cabinet as disappointing. "The measures it contains are far from sufficient to provide sustained support to those in need of care and their relatives," said the VdK President.

Above all, the basic disadvantage of many dementia patients, who according to the current legal situation are often not deemed to be in need of care, would hardly change anything as a result of the small increase in benefits only planned for 2013. "Dementia sufferers continue to fall through the cracks of the medical service. The rapid implementation of a new concept of long-term care is the only way to end the unequal treatment of dementia patients in the care insurance system," said Mascher. According to the VdK President, a new five-level concept of long-term care has been available since 2009, which also takes into account the actual need for care and care for dementia patients. "Three years have passed since it was not used. We finally need this new system of care levels so that physical and mental impairments are taken into account, so that people with dementia have access to benefits from statutory long-term care insurance," emphasized Mascher.

Mascher also described the plan as "half-hearted" that the care allowance should no longer be reduced entirely, but only by half, if short-term or preventive care was used. "For financial reasons, this will continue to keep family members from accepting relief offers," said the VdK President. "The promotion of relief offers should be much clearer, because time out is essential for caring relatives."

The VdK also continues to insist on better pension protection for people who care for their relatives at home. "Anyone who chooses to care for a relative as a professional should not be afraid of later falling into poverty in old age," said Mascher.

The VdK rejects the voluntary additional private nursing insurance planned to finance nursing care. "It particularly discriminates against older people and people with disabilities who have little money left to make private provision," said Mascher. Instead, the VdK demands a solidarity compensation between private and statutory long-term care insurance. The annual billion surpluses in private long-term care insurance could be used to finance services for people with dementia. (Michael Pausder)

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