Talk to yourself to avoid stress

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Talking to yourself helps avoid stress and relieve pressure

Talking to yourself can help reduce stress. Sentences like "he only boils with water" or "I'll do it", shoot most of the time through the head and often they are pronounced subconsciously. The soliloquy sometimes seems a bit strange to bystanders, but it does help those affected to cope with stress.

By talking to yourself, stress is reduced or avoided, reported Prof. Hans-Dieter Hermann from the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) in Saarbrücken on the sidelines of the leading international trade fair for fitness, wellness and health. This is a much underestimated method of coping with stress, according to the expert.

Talking to yourself has a calming effect and helps to develop positive strategies for action. Talking to yourself, whether in thought or outspoken, helps to reduce stress, explained Prof. Hermann. Allowing and articulating the thoughts that are just shooting through your head could significantly reduce mental stress in the workplace. Sentences like "I'm going step by step now" help those affected to stay calm, even with a heavy workload. In general, talking to oneself often serves to encourage oneself, thus strengthening self-confidence and helping to withstand the pressure at the workplace. In addition, sentences like "He only boils with water" serve as a valve for annoyance and resentment. The soliloquy makes it easier for those affected to calm down and develop positive strategies for action, reports the news agency "dpa" with reference to the statements made by Professor Hermann.

Speaking to yourself an underestimated method of coping with stress The expert from the German University for Prevention and Health Management (DHfPG) in Saarbrücken emphasized the stress-reducing effect of talking to yourself and explained that this was "a very underestimated method" of coping with stress. The necessity of avoiding and reducing stress at the workplace can be seen from the health consequences that can be caused by permanent exposure. Stress in German companies is the second most common cause of absenteeism at work. Therefore, many large companies are already investing in stress prevention. "Health management is also worthwhile in terms of motivation, employee satisfaction and error reduction. In this respect, the costs are quickly recovered, ”emphasized the expert from the German University for Prevention and Health Management, who also works as a sports psychologist for the German national soccer team. According to Prof. Hermann, companies can, for example, share in the costs of sports offers and prevention courses.

Strategies for coping with stress in the workplace But not only the companies as a whole, but also every single employee can use strategies to avoid stress, the expert explained. Long exhalation, for example, is suitable for short-term psychological calming, explained Prof. Hermann on the sidelines of a specialist congress at the FIBO fitness fair.

Autogenic training is another method that can also be used in everyday work and can be helpful when dealing with stress. In addition, physical exercises in Tai Chi and Qigong are regarded as suitable methods for successfully coping with or avoiding stress. Stress can lead to depression, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and immune diseases, but also to tension, headaches or back pain. (fp)

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