Chinese medicine: triple action against cancer

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Useful integration of Western and Far Eastern medicine

Those who receive the horror diagnosis of cancer usually quickly find that the therapy does not end after the operation. Affected people usually undergo treatments for many years. Although chemotherapy, radiation or other drug treatments are much gentler today than a few years ago, the quality of life of many patients still suffers due to side effects - sometimes even decades after the end of therapy. In addition to therapy, Chinese medicine is an alternative with three positive effects. In addition to reducing the side effects, it leads to the rebuilding of the functions of the immune system and metabolism, as well as to influencing tumor growth.

Dr. Christian Schmincke, head of the clinic at Steigerwald, general practitioner and TCM expert explains: "Accompanying treatment means that we advise the patient to carry out the surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation treatments recommended by a specialist, and then additionally to undergo Chinese accompanying therapy." Treatment according to Chinese guiding criteria primarily means Chinese drug therapy. From a holistic point of view, medical professionals then compile Chinese medicines in an individual recipe. Consisting of raw substances such as tubers, barks or roots of plants, patients drink the Chinese medicine as a decoction. Doctors adapt medicines to the recovery process and restore the body to intact immune behavior. In addition, they use acupuncture, pressure point massages, body therapies such as Qi Gong and Chinese nutrition.

Cancer patients essentially benefit from a triple therapeutic effect with the accompanying treatment. First: improvement of the problems associated with the usual measures. "How Chinese herbs alleviate functional and mental disorders after surgery, nausea and exhaustion after chemotherapy, and weakness or bleeding after radiation," says Dr. Schmincke. The second therapeutic goal is to strengthen the immune system and metabolism. If they stabilize, this often leads to an improvement in well-being and to the fact that therapy given by oncologists is even resumed with a good chance of success. The third therapeutic goal is to influence tumor growth itself.

Crucial for the success of Chinese medicine: Extensive Chinese diagnostics should be carried out before the medication is given. "We regularly adjust the medication and its dosage because the functional state of the organism changes when the formulations are taken," explains Dr. (pm)

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