Sterilization in men

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Sterilization in men: Uncertainty widespread despite increasing intervention

More and more men can be sterilized. When family planning is complete, many couples consider vasectomy to avoid further hormone intake by women or the use of condoms. However, there are still many questions when dealing with the Pro & Contra and there is generally great uncertainty. For example, many men fear that they will lose their masculinity with sterilization. "But these concerns are absolutely unnecessary," Dr. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist and medical director of Uro-GmbH Nordrhein, an association of resident urologists, of course.

Because only the vas deferens are severed during sterilization. This means that the semen no longer contains sperm. "But there is still ejaculation," emphasizes Dr. Shepherd. "The desire for sex, erection and every other form of physical development also remain." Even the procedure itself does not constitute an obstacle when viewed soberly. Urologists usually perform this outpatient with local anesthesia. Most of the time, you can go home after half an hour and have to take care of yourself for two to three days. "Vasectomy is considered one of the safest surgical procedures ever," says Dr. "There are hardly any serious complications."

In rare cases, bruises or mild wound infections occur, but these are easy to treat and actually resolve quickly. However, the strong gender should not take this step lightly or act thoughtlessly. Theoretically, there is the possibility to undo the severing of the vas deferens microsurgically. However, the longer the sterilization occurred, the less the chances of restoring full fertility. In addition, it occasionally happens that men suffer from erectile dysfunction after a vasectomy. "But these go back to the mental processing of the intervention and have nothing to do with the operation itself," explains Dr. According to a study, most men judge the quality of life and sex life four years after the procedure to be at least unchanged or even improved because the fear of unwanted pregnancies is eliminated and physical pleasure can develop freely.

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