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Most misconceptions about sunbathing


Sunbathing is said to be good for the immune system. The "National Center for Tumor Diseases (NCT)" in Heidelberg clarified these and other errors. Because the German favorite hobby in the summer is much healthier than many assume.

Only sunbathing in moderation and with sun protection cream The fact that tanned skin is a sign that sun worshipers can use less cream is completely wrong, reports the doctor Jessica Hassel, head of the dermatological outpatient clinic at the NTC. The tan would only indicate a degree of damage to the skin. In any case, sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 25, but preferably 50 should be applied.

Once the skin is lotioned on, many seem to assume that re-creaming is sufficient to increase the sun protection duration. "The fact that the protective time is extended when applying cream is a widespread misunderstanding," says Hassel. It is certainly advisable to reapply sunscreen after swimming. However, this does not extend the protection period. Even in the shade, the doctor recommends adequate sun protection. Because the shadow alone does not protect against dangerous radiation, as is often assumed. Clothing also lets sun rays through - especially when it is wet.

One of the widespread misconceptions about the positive effects of sunbathing is that the sun is good for the immune system, the doctor reports. However, the opposite is the case: the immune system is even attacked by UV rays. Hassel also refutes the misconception that the sun is good for the psyche: "This is only true for people with real depression."

If you don't want to do without sunbathing, you should always apply a good cream and avoid the time between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m., because the sun's rays are then the most intense and harmful.

What to do if you get sunburned? If the sunburn is there, those affected can alleviate their symptoms, for example, with moist envelopes and soothing and cooling creams, lotions or after-sun sprays. The envelopes can be applied with dish towels. However, they should be sterile to prevent inflammation. Lotions should not contain chemical substances and fragrances that can cause further health complications. Adequate hydration is also advisable, since the body of those affected has an increased need. (ag)

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