Germans are dissatisfied with AIDS education

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45 percent are dissatisfied with HIV education

Many people in Germany believe that information about the HIV virus and AIDS is insufficient. Almost half of the Germans said that they were insufficiently informed. This was the result of a survey by the polling institute "YouGov". In recent years, expenditure on awareness campaigns has decreased slightly. In the meantime, the HIV incidence rate has risen slightly.

45 percent are dissatisfied with HIV education
The anti-AIDS campaign "Don't give AIDS a chance" started 25 years ago. In order to make the work of the campaign measurable, the opinion institute "YouGov" started a survey study on behalf of the Federal Institute for Health Education. Around 45 percent of Germans indicated in the course of the survey that they are dissatisfied with the current educational work. They believe that public relations work is not enough. "I would never say that we are already at the end of all education strategies because there are obviously people who we have not yet reached well enough," commented Elisabeth Pott, Director of the Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA), the survey result. After all, a good 86 percent of Germans in adulthood protect themselves with a condom against the viral infectious disease, which is still not curable. However, according to Pott, this means that around 14 percent of adults do not adequately protect themselves from the danger with a condom.

Less money for anti-AIDS awareness campaigns
The initiatives are getting less and less money from the state to initiate campaigns. In order to ensure adequate dissemination, the educators rely on new investors and the Internet. "Since the end of the 1990s, funding has been cut ever further," complains Pott. As a result, the Federal Center for Health Education could no longer reach as many people as was previously the case. It is also striking that the number of new cases with the virus rose slightly again at the time. However, initiatives “were able to stabilize the new infection rate again through new ways”.

No prime time TV spots but more internet
Ten to 20 years ago, TV sports were in prime time on television and in the cinema, but today there is hardly enough money for that. "We no longer have this information channel," says Pott. In order to compensate, the BzgA now relies more on the Internet. In this way, “of course, in principle, the impression can arise that it would no longer be explained as much as before.”

For example, the head office launched a weekly newsletter, the content of which deals, for example, with the topic of sexually transmitted infections (STI). It reports on the realignment and importance of STI prevention within AIDS education. "Sexually transmitted infections can increase the risk of HIV infection by two to ten times," it said in the first edition.

73,000 people infected with HIV
According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) in Berlin, around 73,000 people in Germany are infected with the HI virus today. In 2011 there were 2700 new infections and around 500 patients died from the secondary disease AIDS. In addition, there is a relative undisclosed number of people who do not yet know about their infection. Although medication can increasingly alleviate human suffering and increase life expectancy, the HI virus is increasingly destroying the immune system in several stages. As a result, the body's defense system can no longer adequately ward off pathogens that penetrate from outside. (sb)

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