Grandpa raided bank for sick granddaughter

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Grandfather wanted to extort 50,000 euros from the bank

Because the parents of a seriously ill granddaughter lacked the money for important therapy, a 60-year-old grandpa robbed a bank branch in Hiddenhausen. In the bank itself, the perpetrator wanted to blackmail 50,000 euros from the bank with a gun in his hand. Because that was not successful, the perpetrator fled without receiving a euro. Despite the selfless act, the public prosecutor charged the perpetrator.

Grandpa wanted to extort 50,000 euros for a heart defect operation
The service catalog of the statutory health insurance companies is limited to scientifically recognized treatment methods. Only in exceptional cases are further therapies financed if all other conventional therapies have not been successful and the patient is in a life-threatening situation. Such cases often end up in court in order to persuade the cash register to pay the costs. Because the health insurance company also refused to cover the treatment costs for a young girl in a specific case, a 60-year-old grandfather decided to rob a bank to cover the costs for an operation of 50,000 euros.

According to the prosecutor, the seven-year-old granddaughter has suffered from a heart defect from birth. The grandfather believed that treatment in Eastern Europe could help the child. An application for the assumption of costs in the amount of 50,000 euros was rejected by the responsible health insurance company. For this reason, the accused decided to raid a bank without further ado, as the prosecutor Christoph Mackel said in a message.

The unemployed perpetrator got himself a black hat, sunglasses and a fake beard to dress up. The man then drove to a bank in Hiddenhausen in the Bielefeld region in March of this year. With a gun at hand, he asked a bank clerk at the counter exactly 50,000 euros for the therapy of his sick granddaughter, as the grandfather assured him.

In the bank itself the matter apparently became too sensitive for the perpetrator and suddenly fled without a captured cent. A short time later, the police carried out a large-scale search and searched for the alleged bank robber. As a result, the defendant voluntarily surrendered to the police.

After a brief detention, the judge released him from prison because there was no longer any risk of escaping or darkening, and the man was insightful and adamant. The public prosecutor's office in Bielefeld has now filed charges for attempted bank robbery. The trial will take place before the Bielefeld Regional Court. An exact negotiation date has not yet been set. Until then, the man remains at large. If the suspect is likely to be convicted, the previously convicted person may face several years in prison. (sb)

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