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Advertising statements from Ehrmann's Monsterbacke fruit quark land in front of the Federal Court of Justice

The advertising slogans about the fruit quark "Monsterbacke" from the manufacturer Ehrmann will soon be the subject of a judgment before the Federal Court of Justice. Consumer advocates accuse the food company of consumer deception. In advertising, it was repeatedly emphasized that the fruit curd was "as important as the daily glass of milk". According to the plaintiffs, that is misleading and incorrect.

Three times more sugar than milk
Many food companies advertise the supposedly “healthy ingredients” of their products. Firstly, the product is "As important as the daily glass of milk" or the milk bar only contains "The best of milk". "Consumers should not be fooled by such advertising promises" warns Hartmut König from the consumer protection portal "". Namely, food “does not have to be approved or approved in any way. In principle, the provider can write what he wants on it, ”says König. That is why it is so important to look closely. In principle, consumers should critically question every food product, "especially if the manufacturer advertises on the topic of health".

On Thursday, the Federal Court of Justice in Karlsruhe had to negotiate the slogan "As important as the daily glass of milk". The Ehrmann group advertised that product for its “Monsterbacke” product. On the other hand, experts from the "Head Office to Combat Unfair Competition" turned. The advertising slogan is misleading because the advertised fruit curd "contains about three times more sugar than a glass of milk". The plaintiff's lawyer sees no advantage here, but a disadvantage, especially for children. The lawyer emphasized that the higher proportion of sugar was "a considerable disadvantage, especially when it comes to feeding children."

Long list of ingredients Indication of artificial additives
König advises consumers to buy fresh products better. For finished products, buyers should carefully study the list of ingredients. Because the longer this is for a packaged product, "the more critical you should handle it," emphasizes the food expert. Because usually a long list of ingredients is "an indication of numerous flavors and additives". "There are numerous companies that advertise with milk to suggest that their product is very healthy." Consumer advocates have been criticizing this type of manipulation for a long time. However, not all companies can be sued at once. Only in individual cases can a lawsuit also result in a ban on false advertising promises.

The food manufacturer Ehrmann defends itself against the accusations. After all, consumers would know that the fruit curd on offer contains more sugar than an unprocessed curd without fruit. Finally, fruits also contain sugar in the form of fructose.

The Federal Court of Justice wants to take its time in making its final decision. The judges will now check whether Ehrmann's advertising contains "unfair" or "misleading" material. A BGH judgment is expected on September 20. (sb)

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