Over 100 heat patients in Hamburg clinics

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A total of 1,400 patients are admitted to the Asklepios clinics over the weekend

The heat of the past few days has caused a lot of activity in the Hamburg clinics. More than 100 heat patients were treated in the seven Asklepios clinics in Hamburg alone on the two weekend days. Overall, the number of hospital admissions on weekends rose to around 1,400 patients due to several major events in Hamburg.

Extreme summer heat often leads to considerable health problems that may require hospital admission. The emergency rooms in the Hamburg clinics had therefore prepared for a growing number of heat patients before the weekend. In connection with the major events of the Hamburg Cruise Days at the harbor and the cycling race of the Cyclassics, unexpectedly many patients came to the Hamburg clinics this weekend.

More than 100 patients due to heat complaints in the hospital The over 100 heat patients who were treated in the Asklepios clinics over the weekend ranged from one year to a 101-year-old woman. The sufferers suffered from typical heat symptoms such as headache, dizziness, nausea and vomiting. Lack of fluids and circulatory complaints up to circulatory breakdown were also often the reason for hospital admission, according to the Asklepios clinics. Almost 40 heat patients had previously attended the Hamburg Cruise Days and the Cyclassics cycling race.

Hospital admission due to injuries during the bike race Participants in the “bike race for professionals and everyone” also had to be treated more and more in the Hamburg clinics, but here mostly heat problems and wounds and fractures after falls were the reason for hospital admission. According to information from the clinics, lacerations, craniocerebral trauma, collarbone fractures, injuries to the elbow and hip were treated. According to the report in the “Hamburger Abendblatt”, a participant had to end the race early because he started with 3.32 per thousand in the blood and fell immediately after the start of the race. According to the paper, the Asklepios clinics have announced that the person affected was “but fit and steady”. Together with the heat patients, the number of hospital admissions to the Hamburg Asklepios clinics on both weekend days totaled around 1,400 patients.

Avoiding heat problems - drinking enough To avoid heat problems, physical exertion at high summer temperatures should be avoided as much as possible - especially over lunchtime. Direct sunlight should also be avoided and a spot in the shade is preferable instead. Headgear or sun hats can have a certain protective effect. In addition, liquid, i.e. drinking enough, is particularly important at high temperatures. Water, fruit tea or fruit juice spritzers are considered suitable thirst quenchers. Ideally, sweetened drinks should be avoided entirely. (fp)

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