Many factors influence the choice of partner

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Partner choice influenced by hormones, smell and stress

The choice of partner is influenced by a wide variety of factors, with subconscious behavior playing a far greater role than most newly in love admits. Scientific studies have shown that stress or taking the pill are related to the feeling of beauty and the choice of partner.

Scientists from the Institute of Psychology at the University of Westminster in London recently published a study in the specialist journal "PLoS ONE", according to which stressed men prefer plump women. Again and again, doctors and psychologists find that factors that seem relatively minor have a significant influence on the choice of partner. Overall, the suspicion arises that the willful decision only plays a subordinate role in happiness.

Stress makes fat women attractive to men The results of the British researchers around Swami virus from Westminster University in London were surprising, especially since slim female bodies are now considered a general ideal of beauty, and a connection between stress and the perception of beauty seemed rather absurd. As part of their study, Swami and colleagues had provided 81 European men with ten standardized photos of women's bodies, from which they should choose the ideal figure and indicate which thick and thin body they currently find attractive. On the photos, according to the objective measure of the body mass index (BMI), women's bodies from obese (obese) to very underweight were seen. Before the assessment, half of the subjects underwent a stress test, in which they had to speak to a committee for twenty minutes and have to solve an arithmetic problem. They then had a 20-minute break before rating the pictures of the women. In contrast to the test group, the subjects in the control group did not undergo a corresponding stress test.

Fat women signal security to stressed men The research team at Westminster University found that stressed men liked women who were significantly thicker better than those in the control group. The scientists justify the tendency of the stressed men to women with wide hips and feminine curves with the feeling of security that they convey. From an evolutionary perspective, the rounder female forms signal sufficient access to food, better health and a more stable female cycle than in thinner women, the British scientists reported in the article "The influence of psychological stress on men's judgments of the female body". Indirectly, her study confirmed the hypothesis of biologists, neurologists and other experts that people and animals in stressful situations have an increased need for safety, Swami and colleagues continue.

Taking the pill influences partner choice In addition to these psychological factors, physical attributes also play a decisive role in partner selection, although not only the body of potential partners is important, but also your own body weight. Scottish scientists have found that fat people tend to choose an overweight partner. Taking the pill or the associated changes in the hormonal balance are directly related to the choice of partner, because the pill influences the preferences of women for body odor in men, according to the findings of studies by Italian and British scientists.

Subconscious factors determine the partnership Furthermore, the pill not only affects the choice of partner but also the mating behavior. Libido impairments are well known to many women who have been using the pill for several years. Women who took the pill at the beginning of a partnership also perceive their sex life to be less happy on average than women who prevented the partner from getting to know them in a different way or not at all. Overall, however, women's relationships last longer if they used contraception when they started their partnership, British researchers led by Craig Roberts from the University of Stirling reported last year in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B. In addition, women under the influence of the pill seem to choose men who are genetically more similar to them. How the sense of smell, hormones and other inconspicuous factors influence the choice of partner and which part of the choice of partner is actually made by a conscious decision has not yet been conclusively clarified. However, many point out that much of the decision is made at the subconscious level. (fp)

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