Doctor prescribed tablets for homosexuality

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Approval withdrawn: doctor prescribed pills against homosexuality

An Australian doctor has prescribed a hormonal drug to a young patient so that they can be "cured" of their homosexuality. After a complaint was received by the responsible medical authority in Australia, the doctor lost his approval.

A young patient (18) “complained” about homosexual thoughts. To get rid of these, he went to a family doctor. Within a ten-minute conversation, the family doctor prescribed a preparation for the man to inhibit the formation of the hormone testosterone. According to the doctor at the time, this remedy should cure the man of his "homosexuality".

General practitioners may no longer practice
The process already took place in 2008. "Because of the alleged therapy, the general practitioner is no longer allowed to practice," was the final decision of the complaints authority for the healthcare system in Australia. The regulatory authority came to the conclusion on Wednesday that the doctor "did not behave professionally". In addition, the preparation was administered lightly.

At that time, the doctor and the patient belonged to the right-wing conservative and Christian sect “Exclusive Brethren”. According to media reports from the "Sydney Morning Herald", the patient at the time explained to the committee of inquiry that after he had committed to being "gay", the head of the sect sent him to the 75-year-old family doctor. "This can help you get rid of your homosexual thoughts," said the head of the church at the time.

Ethically reprehensible and health-threatening therapy
The Medical Committee warned that the doctor administered the medicine without a medical need. In addition, the patient had not been examined sufficiently. "If young people have problems with their sexuality, they should be referred to a psychotherapist or referred to an appropriate counseling center," the agency criticized.

The therapy was not only objectionable from an ethical point of view, the amount of medication administered was at least health-related. The doctor also admitted this presentation to the committee, as reported by the Australian media.

The process got rolling after the young man himself filed a complaint against the doctor's treatment. The patient at the time is no longer a member of the dubious Church. (sb)

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