World Diabetes Day: Living with diabetes

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World Diabetes Day: Experts provide information about diabetes

The number of diabetes patients across Germany has increased significantly in recent years. Unhealthy eating with too much sugar and fat, lack of exercise and a corresponding excess weight are the main causes. According to estimates by Diabetes-Zentrale e.V., around 375 million people are affected and around 20 more are added every minute. On the occasion of today's World Diabetes Day, experts all over Germany are providing information about the disease diabetes mellitus.

According to the diabetologist Stephan Martin of the German Diabetes Foundation (DDS), the spread of the common disease diabetes can hardly be managed in the short term. "This will be more if you consider how many children are growing up with fast food and little exercise today," the expert told the news agency "dpa". The diagnosis is often completely surprising for those affected, since the diabetes initially develops over years without any recognizable symptoms, the diabetologist explained and added: "If sugar were to hurt, it would not be such a big problem." Because the symptoms would be obvious if the symptoms were obvious ready early on to change their lifestyle and diet so that the disease can no longer manifest itself.

Significant increase in diabetes-related illnesses The increase in diabetes-related illnesses is mainly due to an increase in type 2 diabetes, which was formerly referred to as adult diabetes. Type 2 diabetes develops over the course of life, whereby in addition to the genetic predisposition, nutrition and lifestyle play an important role. If you are overweight, the risk of illness increases massively. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that the number of people affected is slightly less than that of the diabetes center, the WHO figures also show how far-reaching the problem of diabetes has become. The WHO currently estimates 346 million diabetics worldwide and according to the experts, between eight and ten million people are affected in Germany. Diagnosis is often a shock for patients, not least because they generally have to fundamentally change their lifestyle.

Diabetes necessitates a change in lifestyle and diet Diabetologist Stephan Martin from the German Diabetes Foundation explained that diabetes patients not only receive tablets or insulin injections, but also have to restructure their everyday lives. An appropriately adapted diet and more exercise are highly recommended for diabetics. "Many small steps are also very successful," emphasized the expert, adding: "If diabetics exercise in the evening, blood sugar is better in the morning." In addition, healthier alternatives to eating lots of foods offer healthier alternatives, the diabetologist continues. Martin advises, for example, olive oil instead of animal fats and wholemeal flour instead of white flour. "The diabetics are not restricted when it comes to vegetables, this" you can eat as much as you want, "explained the expert. However, this does not apply to the types of fruit. For example, grapes with their large amounts of fructose are less suitable. Martin generally advises those affected to cook for themselves, as this is the best way to get an overview of the ingredients.

Dark chocolate suitable for diabetics If diabetes has been diagnosed, this generally requires a fundamental change in diet, but those affected do not have to do without everything they love. For example, ice cream and cakes are available in special versions for diabetics and even with normal sweets, the sick do not generally have to do without. As the diabetologist Stephan Martin explained, “bitter chocolate is excellent, for example, for diabetics. However, diabetics should "of course not consume a whole table". According to the expert, it is important that the patients feel comfortable with their diet, otherwise they will not be able to maintain their healthy lifestyle in the long run. "Throwing in a tablet is easy, but changing your life is the hardest thing you can imagine," emphasized the diabetologist.

Chef gives nutritional tips for diabetics Sven Büttner, chef at the Munich hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, explained which culinary options are available to diabetics to make it easier to change their diet. In autumn, for example, a pumpkin soup with ginger, fish with pepper sauce and fruit for dessert is recommended. The soup ingredients are sweated in as little fat as possible and the fish does not receive a coating, but is instead cooked in a light white wine brew. According to the head chef, diabetics can "cook normally" if they pay attention to certain things and take them into consideration. For the menu mentioned, it is important, for example, that the pumpkin soup is not refined with cream, because it is "a little heavy with forty percent fat." Alternatively, the soup can be topped with pumpkin seed oil. In the end, according to the experts, the diabetics have numerous tasty options despite their illness, they just have to pay a little more attention to the selection of the ingredients. (fp)

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