Coronary artery disease: danger to the heart

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Events on coronary artery disease

As part of the current Herz Herzwochen, medical facilities across Germany currently offer information events on the subject of "coronary heart disease". The cardiology clinic of the district hospital in Prignitz is also participating with its own event where “cardiologists will provide information on the prevention, diagnosis and therapy of coronary artery disease”.

The Heart Weeks, which have been organized by the German Heart Foundation for many years, are devoted this year to coronary heart disease and its possible consequences "Coronary heart disease is one of the most common heart diseases worldwide", but the disease is often only taken seriously if it has led to a heart attack. reports the group hospital district hospital Prignitz. According to the doctors, millions of people suffer from coronary artery narrowing.

Significant need for clarification on coronary heart disease The tricky thing about coronary heart disease is its gradual, initially inconspicuous course. If the first symptoms such as heart pain or chest pain, stinging in the chest or even a heart attack appear, the damage to the coronary arteries has usually already progressed significantly. If in doubt, stent placement or bypass surgery is required. After such an intervention, according to the Deign Hospital Prignitz, "many patients believe that they are healthy because they have no symptoms." Those affected are not aware of the fact "that they still suffer from chronic heart disease and therefore change their lifestyle and have to take their medication in the long run. ”Here the physicians see a considerable need for clarification, which the cardiology clinic of the district hospital Prignitz would like to address with their event as part of the heart weeks. All interested, affected and relatives are invited to inform themselves tomorrow about Wednesday (November 21st) "around the topic of circulatory disorders at the heart."

Numerous events within the framework of the Herzwochen Comparable events such as in the district hospital in Prignitz are currently taking place across Germany and offer interested parties a good opportunity to find out more about coronary artery disease. An exchange or discussion with the experts is often possible after the intended lectures. The institutions also hope to win the interest of the patients with special campaigns. For example, in cooperation with the German Heart Foundation, Sana Kliniken Lübeck GmbH organized a patient seminar for Wednesday evening, in which lectures, a blood sugar test and a blood pressure test are also offered free of charge. (fp)

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