If itching in the genital area go to the urologist

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The late effects of venereal diseases are often difficult to treat

If there is itching, burning and pain in the genital area, discharge from the urethra or painful urination, there is a lot to be said for venereal diseases. Fungi, bacteria or viruses cause infectious diseases, which are considered a major taboo subject in Germany. Trichomoniasis, chlamydia and gonorrhea are among the most contagious and most common sexually transmitted diseases. Many Germans know terms like syphilis, but they often only recognize the effects on the body when it is too late. The most common symptoms are itchy, inflamed skin, pain, discharge from the urethra and burning when urinating. Reinhold Schaefer, urologist from the North Rhine medical network Uro-GmbH, recommends those affected to go to a specialist immediately if these symptoms appear.

“Urologists treat causes of infection and accompanying symptoms in men. For diagnosis, they usually take urine and blood samples and swabs from the affected regions, ”explains Dr. Shepherd. Some venereal diseases such as scabies and mollusks spread over the genital area all over the body and require extensive treatment. Most often, bacteria cause genital disorders, which urologists in many cases treat with antibiotics. Additional creams and lotions help against skin changes. Even small organisms such as the pubic name "pubic lice" cause complaints. Then those affected also have to vacuum off clothing, bed linen and furniture or wash them hot to kill them.

However, some diseases, such as genital herpes, can only be treated symptomatically, because - triggered by viruses - they are not considered curable. A must for all venereal diseases: also examine the sexual partners. Otherwise, a vicious circle arises, in which the partners are repeatedly infected. Recognize affected symptoms of venereal diseases early enough, usually follows a simple and problem-free cure. However, those who hesitate and do not go to the doctor despite complaints run the risk of chronic inflammation and in many cases even infertility. Such possible late effects are far more difficult to treat than the underlying disease. Only condoms protect against sexually transmitted diseases because they are the only contraceptive that offers sufficient protection. In the event of sexual intercourse with frequently changing partners, regular preventive examinations by the specialist also serve as a check to rule out illnesses without symptoms. If it still itches, burns or hurts in the genital area: go to the urologist immediately. (pm)

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