Unfaithfulness can be seen on the face of men

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Women can see infidelity and loyalty in the face of men

According to a study, many women can already tell from the facial expression of the male partner whether they are faithful or not. An experiment showed that women obviously have this gift, whereas men tend not to have these emotional antennas. They were subject to the women during the investigation.

"I had to work longer today, so it has become a bit later today." Apparently, the man's face clearly shows how much truth there is in a man's saying. Is it because men are more difficult to lie or women can tell from their facial expressions whether a man is faithful or not?

Women can read infidelity on their faces
According to a recent study, women can obviously classify men in certain categories. "Does this man cheat me or is he more monogamous?" In most cases, women can recognize the answer by the male facial features and assess them accordingly. According to the psychological research work, a lot of things happen rather unconsciously. "A monogamous or polygamous attitude can often be seen on the face of a man for women," said the team of researchers from Australia.

The study shows that the assumption that women can recognize infidelity from the facial expression is actually a spark of truth, the scientists report in the journal "Biology Letters" of the British "Royal Society". Men, on the other hand, could hardly give a meaningful rating based on pictures. They rated rather good-looking and particularly feminine-looking women as "unfaithful" and in most cases were wrong.

Court expression reveals health and character
"Everyone gets their first impression based on their face," explains Gillian Rhodes and her colleagues from the University of Western Australia in Perth. According to common research opinion, the face already reveals a lot about the character properties. The face also shows how healthy the other person is, how intelligent or fertile he or she is. People use experience from their lives. The older someone is, the more differentiated he can assess the facial expression of the other.

Especially when choosing a partner, certain signals that are perceived on the subconscious level play a major role. Whether the face also reveals what the previous relationship history was and whether there is a tendency to be loyal or unfaithful has never been investigated, as the researchers write in their study report. "We are now providing the first proof that it is actually possible to read someone else's loyalty on the face - at least for women," writes Rhodes. Even women would sometimes be wrong because the subliminal signals misinterpreted certain features on the face, but women were "remarkably accurate".

Women showed high agreement ratings
For the study, the researchers used portrait photos of 101 men and 88 women. These were previously questioned about their relationship attitudes and loyalty. Some of the people portrayed stated that they had dared to have an affair at least once in their life. The other part said that she was always loyal to her partner.

In the second part, 34 women and 34 men were shown. Only women were shown to women and only pictures of women to men. In the case of all of them, it had previously been ruled out that the people shown had been met before in life. For each photo shown, participants should answer the question of whether they rate it as "loyal" or "unfaithful". In further questions, you should also assess whether you find the person attractive. Individual attributes such as masculinity, femininity, beauty and trustworthiness were queried.

The result showed that the female test subjects were in the middle range in their accuracy when it came to infidelity and loyalty. “Men have had no significant agreement on actual attitudes. Men were more likely than women to misidentify unfaithful people as loyal, ”the psychologists report. Men showed an error rate of 77 percent and women only 38 percent.

The study evaluation showed that there were significant differences in the evaluation of facial features between men and women. Men apparently used different evaluation criteria than women. Men rated women depicted as unfaithful especially if they rated them as particularly attractive and female at the same time. In their assessments, women had no characteristics that could allow a relationship between infidelity and attractiveness. However, men were judged to be unfaithful if at the same time they appeared to be strongly masculine in the court expression.

If men are rated as particularly unfaithful by women, this does not automatically mean that they are not chosen as partners. Infidelity was not simultaneously interpreted by the women as absolutely "weak in character". The evaluation also showed that women create no context between trustworthiness and infidelity. (sb)

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