Beware of fragrances in cosmetics

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If you have sensitive skin, you should avoid cosmetic products with fragrances

Almost every cosmetic product is surrounded by wonderful smelling scents. But just those fragrances can trigger allergic skin reactions in many people. Anyone who suspects that they have developed an allergy to artificial fragrances can test creams or lotions on the wrist for tolerance.

If you suffer from sensitive skin, it is best to avoid cosmetics with coloring, preservatives and fragrances. Those additives in conventional cosmetic products can trigger allergies, like dermatologist Dr. Uta Schlossberger from the professional association of German dermatologists in Berlin explained. If an allergic skin reaction occurs, an itchy scalp, itchy rash, redness and sometimes swelling can occur. According to the doctor, it also happens that not only the skin areas are affected by symptoms, but also adjacent skin areas.

A contact allergy usually only becomes noticeable after one to three days. Many patients could then sometimes no longer remember which care product they were using, the expert says. If a contact allergy is suspected, the symptoms should be examined by a dermatologist. If it is clear that a certain product is responsible for the skin reactions, it should no longer be used. If it is possible to find out which exact ingredient is responsible for reactions, this should definitely be avoided. "For every cosmetic product, the information on the packaging should be carefully checked."

Whether the product is tolerated can easily be determined with a self-test. The new cosmetics are applied to the wrist or in the more sensitive crook of the arm. Serious reactions do not show up immediately, but only after a few hours or days. In order not to falsify the effects, the areas should not be washed. If no symptoms are recognized after 3 days, the remedy is considered tolerable. (sb)

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