Can noise promote creativity?

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Noise can promote creativity

Noise makes you sick and disturbs concentration. After a survey on behalf of the Techniker Krankenkasse, he was also identified as a trigger for stress. But scientists have now found that it can also do very positive things.

Not too quiet and not too loud
A study by the University of Chicago found that even background noise has a positive effect on creativity. People who are exposed to a noise level of around 70 decibels therefore have the best ideas. This roughly corresponds to the background noise in a well-attended café. With a higher noise level of over 85 decibels, however, creativity drops significantly. The research results also express that it should not be too quiet, as a quiet environment also interferes with creative ideas.

Virtual café noises
The next considerations about your own other projects in life should not take place quietly, but best with a delicious drink in a nice café. If there is no suitable one nearby or there is not enough time, a visit to "" is recommended. On this page there is the background noise of a canned café.

Noise increases the cardiovascular risk
Several other studies have found that sustained noise increases the likelihood of cardiovascular disease. In particular, sleep disorders caused by noise showed a particularly harmful effect in the studies. Experts believe that 85 decibels are already harmful. (ad)

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