Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death

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Combating lung cancer together: Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in Europe

The diagnosis of lung cancer in Europe is still mostly fatal. Experts now want to declare war against bronchial cancer as part of a "Central European Initiative Against Lung Cancer". In addition to therapeutic measures, it should also be about prevention.

Lung cancer is one of the "most complicated cancers"
According to a study recently published in the "European Journal of Cancer", 353,000 people in Europe succumbed to 410,000 new cases of lung cancer last year. These figures show that lung cancer is still fatal in most cases. "Lung cancer is one of the most complicated cancers "explains Robert Pirker, lung cancer specialist at the clinical department for oncology at MedUni Vienna and the AKH in Vienna, to the news agency" APA ". "We have to put the topic of lung cancer on the agenda from prevention to the most modern therapies."

One of the main risk factors for lung cancer is smoking. 85 percent of the diseases are said to be related to nicotine consumption. “80 percent of smokers regularly smoked when they were 18 years old. So how do we get to the 14-year-olds, "asks Pirker. As part of the start symposium for a" Central European Initiative against Lung Cancer ", which will take place tomorrow with around 100 experts in Vienna, these and other questions on the topic of lung cancer will be discussed.

According to a US study, the mortality rate of lung cancer in smokers who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day could be reduced by 20 percent after 30 years with regular computer tomography examinations. However, such a measure currently appears to be too complex and difficult. “The diagnosis should increasingly also be made using molecular biological tests, because an increasingly precise drug therapy can also be derived from this. And finally, of course, all new therapeutic approaches should also be available throughout Europe, including in the CEE countries, "demands Pirker.

Different chances of recovery in EU countries
According to current calculations by scientists from the University of Milan (Italy) and the University of Lausanne (Switzerland), the chances of curing cancer in the EU countries differ widely from one another. According to this, men have the best chance of recovery in the UK in 2013. So the result in the comparison of the six most populous EU countries. Great Britain is around ten percent below the EU average, Prof. la Vecchia and colleagues reported in the specialist magazine "Annals of Oncology". Poland, on the other hand, was calculated to have the highest death rates among men and women. This corresponds to a value of 25 percent for men and 13 percent for women above the EU average. (sb)

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