Alternative practitioners are discriminated against

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Naturopathic Association calls for an end to discrimination

Non-medical practitioners in Germany are discriminated against by health policy as a kind of “auxiliary doctor”. Before the 46th Baden-Württemberg Congress of Alternative Practitioners in Baden-Baden, which started on Saturday, the Association of Alternative Practitioners in the Southwest spoke out "for concrete political responses" to the position of naturopathy in the health system. "Naturopathy must not be reduced to the status of a kind of‘ auxiliary medicine ’," emphasized Dietmar Falkenberg, the first chairman of the naturopaths association.

Many patients are very satisfied with the care and quality of the treatments provided by alternative practitioners. This demonstrates the necessity of the naturopathic methods used by naturopaths in a variety of ways. The criticism of conventional medicine is often "absurd", as Falkenberg criticized. This discrimination should finally stop, the association demands. Over 1,500 naturopaths, doctors and experts are expected to attend the two-day naturopath congress in Baden-Baden. The event is sponsored by Katrin Altpeter (SPD), Minister of Social Affairs in Baden-Württemberg. (sb)

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